Our NFTs

Our Assets

Scregi Coin Scregi Coin - coin inside the project. For it, you can receive awards within the project. You can earn it by completing tasks or by receiving random rewards from other project assets.
Scregi Ticket Scregi Ticket - for this ticket you able to receive various digital assets from the Scregi project or our partners (for example items for you avatas).

Functional NFTs

Scregi is pleased to present several functional NFTs that can be used in activities around our project. Each owner of the presented NFTs will certainly have:

  • discounts in our NFT sales;
  • whitelisted for certain types of sales and activities;

Also, each separate functional NFT can have its own functions, which we will add as our project develops.

3 Scregi Ticket per Season

1 Scregi Ticket per Day

Your's 30 seconds video in one day streaming list

NFT Scregi Avatars

Unique inimitable images of cinematic avatars. Avatars have a number of parameters that can be used in our game mechanics and events. Atomichub

NFT accessories

Amplify the actions of your characters in our game mechanics and events. Atomichub